Righteous Anger One on One Session


The next Forgiveness Circle is scheduled for

Sunday April 25th

Our calls will be on Zoom on Sundays from 1pm – 4pm EST

We will close our circle once 6 people sign up, so we can keep our group small and intimate.

Event Pricing:

In the spirit of accessibility and changing the paradigm of the current form of capitalism I offer a sliding scale for all my offerings.

Sliding Scale $22 – $77

And in the spirit of reciprocity and finding a harmonious and abundant exchange, I also welcome other forms of barter and trade. Contact Katrina.


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Anger is one of the most oppressed and shamed emotion we feel.

Many of us have not been taught what to do with this powerful emotion.  Or if we have, often we have been taught to silence it, and suppress it.

Yet this emotion, is so innately ingrained in our humanity.  And is not something that goes away simply by casting it into the shadows.  It is a real, valid, and often times righteous emotion.  It can also hold the key to our passions, our callings, and the essence of our fire.

Instead of suppressing (which can lead to abuse-both inwardly and outwardly), what if we harnessed, acknowledged, affirmed, and even treated our anger as sacred?  What if we made space for this emotion to come through in a safe way?

I wanted to create these one on one sessions to look at this emotion.  Especially right now, where so many things are being illuminated in our world- many of which are really hard to look at and rightfully cause anger to ignite in us.

These sessions are on zoom, so you can join them from a place of comfort.  We will start with talking a bit about where you are with anger, where your relationship is with it.