Tending the Hearth Sanctuary

Tending the Hearth Sanctuary is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide postnatal care for single Mothers in a loving, nourishing, Earth and spiritual centered space.

What We Are
Tending the Hearth Sanctuary is a year round nature and spiritual based sanctuary in the mountains of Vermont, centering on: sheltering, replenishing, and healing for single Mothers as they welcome a new child into this world. With the guidance of a resident Grandmothers, and a women’s leadership council, this sanctuary will be tended and nurtured by a group of men who have completed a two year initiation program called Earth’s Rising Sons.

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Dragon Woman Awakens Book

This will be a story about Mother Mary- but not as we know Her.
She will not be a meek, silent peasant woman in this story.
Or a woman who was holy only because She was chosen by God.

This will be a different perspective, one where She is at the center, and Her own hero’s journey.

One where She is a Priestess, a trained mystic, a holy woman because of Her dedication to growth, spirituality, and the rising of the human consciousness.

This will be a story where She is empowered and chose to become the vessel to birth the savior.

This will be a story where She has a voice, and Her teachings are more than one line in a book.

This book will be a fantasy story, infused with what I know about the truth about who She was-

Mary was a noble woman, born of a line of royalty. She was trained in the mystic arts, and knew about Immaculate Conception, from Her Mother, Anne- who also immaculately conceived Mary.

The story will weave in the other realms, and mystical creatures like Dragons, Angels, and Elves. (got to through in my love for Middle Earth 🙂 )

So here, in the Basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe, where for the first time, I see Her with a cloak of a Priestess, I began writing.
I will be travelling to shrines dedicated to Her and praying for inspiration, and clarity as I tell story that has not been told before, through the eyes of one of the most powerful women in our History. And shifting it into Herstory.

During these times of illumination, one of the places I am targeting, is where the tear in our system happened. I continue to come back to the church: it’s dogma, it’s perversion, and it’s stealing of knowledge and wisdom. This was the rise of the Patriarch, and the abolition of feminine power. Mother Mary remained, but She is not even named in the Holy Trinity. She is silenced, and behind a veil- though Her power remains as one of the most celebrated dieties of all time.

So for me, shining light on the feminine aspect of this story feels vital, to reconnect something that was attempted to be severed.
I’m so excited, and grateful for the opportunity to dive into the story of a woman who has brought Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Love to humanity for thousands of years…

What better place to start?

Heart Exchange

The Heart Exchange is an online platform to connect people together to offer trades with one another. This is one step in changing the economic system we are in, and offering alternatives that “free up” our dollars, and offer opportunity to give and receive in a way that feels fair and equitable.

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Web of Love

Is an online community that is based in prayer, healing, and heart centered connection. It is a collective of facilitators, healers, and medicine people. We hold online circles, councils and healing spaces virtually.

Libertas Chocolate

Libertas Chocolate is honey-sweetened, organic chocolate that we make in small batches using local herbs, medicines, flower essences, and magic. All chocolates are made in a ceremonial circle, where we pray, sing, and infuse love into every bite. All batches are intended to be a fundraiser for efforts centering on justice, love, freedom, and protection of the sacred.

Please check back for more information coming soon.