In-Person Circles

Burning Times

The Burning Times is a period in history that has left a deep and resonant scar.
Hundreds of years later, we are still feeling it’s effects.

Our ceremony will be set with the intention to set these old stories free,
To rise as the Phoenixes we are.
To stand in our truths, to stand for Earth Mother, to stand for Justice, to stand for humanity.
We are taking off all the shackles now, healing all the old traumas.
We are setting our soul’s missions free!

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Dragon Woman Awakens

During this day together we will, as sisters, hold safe space for one another to delve into the rage so many of us are feeling right now.
Many believe that feeling what we need to feel is the key to transformation.
If you are a woman who feels a stirring when she hears Dragon Woman.
If you are a woman who feels at home in the depths of life, and in the darkness of the womb of the Mothers’ caverns.
If you are a woman who is ready to speak her truth and rise up to be the powerful loving force this world needs right now-

Then this is your call…

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Earth’s Rising Sons

This seven month initiation, is being lead by and held by women who have been on the GodDESS path as priestesses, medicine women, healers, and teachers.

We will be sharing with you, from the place of the divine Mother, the essence of the feminine.

Each weekend will be a deep dive into different archetypes. Through ceremony and ritual, we will look at these different aspects of masculinity and how they relate with the feminine.

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Path of Pleasure

During this 5 month journey we will dive into the emotion, science, significance and activism of pleasure.
What does it look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, sound like?
By encompassing all senses of pleasure, we will embark on deepening our pleasure points, and thus deepening our connection to the Goddess within.
We will weave in ceremony, ritual, prayer, and group sharings, to strengthen our container to do this work together.

Our weekends will be a journey into exploration, empowerment, healing, and sharing.

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Sacred Activism

I believe in the power of prayer. And I believe in the movements that are leading from love, reparation, justice, and freedom.

And I believe having prayer as action amplifies the movement, brings in the unseen, and creates beauty.

There are no current actions planned at this time.

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Sisterhood of the Staffs

Sisterhood of the Staffs is an organically growing community of women that gather annually to be in ceremony together, to council together, and to seek wisdom from elders that come to share what feminine leadership means to them and how we can best navigate these times in a good way.

Together, we delve into the symbolism of the staff, what it means to be a staff holder, what it means to be in our feminine nature and hold power in a feminine way.

We explore together the times we are in, and how we can serve the communities around us.

Please check back for more information coming soon.