Virtual Circles

European Roots

There was a clear, blatant, and successful genocide of the European Tribal Peoples. The rise of the empire, the Church, and colonization also meant a suppression and wiping out of the more Earth-based ways of the people. We were given snippets of this brutal history in our education, yet there is so much not spoken.

Who were the original peoples of Europe?

The Awakening Man

Many men who are waking up are weaving in the teachings of the feminine, to replace what has been taken out. By understanding, embracing, and loving the feminine aspects of life, many believe the masculine can be in it’s true and natural form.
The erasure and devaluing of the feminine has set in motion a blueprint for humanity that causes each of us to suppress this nature within.

This journey is designed to bring forward the teachings of the feminine form of divinity, to support men in their journey of self discovery, and healing.

Virtual Temple for Men

The Men’s Virtual Temple is a five month online intensive for men who are curious about the tradition of the Mother, and the path of the Goddess.

We will touch upon Goddess traditions from many cultures, and put a strong emphasis on our own cultural lineage. This will be a way for each of us to connect in with the Mother line of our ancestors, and tap into a tradition that for most of us has been lost.

Anxious Mamas Support Circle

This is a three month support group for Mothers who struggle with anxiety.  This is a soft place, where we can come and be heard, nourished, and supported in our healing and growth.  This group is intended for Mothers who have already begun their healing journey with anxiety and are looking for a circle of women who can relate and offer additional resources.

We will come together in talking circle, to share where we are, and what is alive in our hearts and minds.  We will share tools, and resources with one another on what is helping our anxiety.