Healing with the Goddess: 5 Month Virtual Group for Men by Women

The Goddess traditions, in all their forms, have been mostly lost from our culture.

The suppression of the ways of honoring the feminine nature of life has affected all of us.
We see this in how humanity treats the Earth, and how women are treated.
There are many men who are recognizing that this is also greatly affecting what it means to be a man.

Without the feminine nature at the center, all has become out of alignment.
By returning to honoring Her, we bring things back to a place of harmony.
We move out of the paradigm of power over, into a paradigm of power with.

During these times, the Mother is rising, in all Her forms.

There has been a well thought out, and well executed oppression of the feminine in our culture.
It was the rising of what many call Patriarchy.
She was erased from the houses of divinity, and was put behind a veil of being unseen and unheard.
The fact that we speak, "The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit", shows clearly that She is not being spoken.
We are in the time when She is rising again.

Women's circles, women's spirituality, and the re-membering of the mysteries of the Goddess have been active in our communities.
And many of us believe it is time to fold in the men who are ready and wanting to learn and experience Her ways.

Through ceremony, prayer, sacred space, and ritual, we will enter into the temple of the Goddess together, to remember what has been forgotten-
We are Her children.
We walk upon Her together.
She is calling all of us home...

The Men’s Virtual Temple is a five month online intensive for men who are curious about the tradition of the Mother, and the path of the Goddess.

We will touch upon Goddess traditions from many cultures, and put a strong emphasis on our own cultural lineage. This will be a way for each of us to connect in with the Mother line of our ancestors, and tap into a tradition that for most of us has been lost.

We will also explore:

  • How to weave ancient traditions and honorings into our present day life.
  • How personal ritual and ceremony can be a powerful tool on our healing journey.
  • How to identify the characteristics of the Divine Feminine, and how the suppression of Her has affected all of us.
  • How to identify the concept of Divine Masculine, and how the suppression of the feminine has affected the rising of a more natural form of masculinity.
  • How to implement receptivity into every day life through listening and curiosity.
  • The basics of working and being in relationship with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
  • Moon cycles and their effect on emotions and magic.
  • Earth cycles and how to honor Her rhythms.
  • Herbal allies that will aid in your quest of reclamation and healing.

This group will give you the opportunity to connect with other men who are on a similar path of reclamation, to form a brotherhood and support network.

There will be two women facilitating each weekend (myself, and another rotating woman). All the women who will be facilitating have been deep inside the women’s mysteries, the Goddess Path, and their own empowerment.

Especially now, in this moment in time, when women's rights are once again being threatened, it is vital to remember that divinity is both feminine and masculine.  How we treat women is reflective of how we treat the Earth, which is reflective of how we treat the Goddess.  It is time to bring Her back to Her rightful place in divinity- to be honored, loved, and celebrated.

Minimum price: $222.00

Event Quick Info

Virtual Circle


September 18th

October 9th

November 13th

December 11th

January 15th

Our calls will be on Zoom on Sundays from 1pm – 4pm EST

We will close the circle after 13 men sign up.

Event Pricing:

In the spirit of accessibility and changing the paradigm of the current form of capitalism I offer a sliding scale for all my offerings.

Sliding Scale $222 – $444

And in the spirit of reciprocity and finding a harmonious and abundant exchange, I also welcome other forms of barter and trade. Contact Katrina.

Suggested Price: $444

Minimum price: $222.00

About the Facilitators

Katrina Coravos

As a woman who has been on the path of the sacred feminine, it has felt vital over the past few years to bring men into this healing. I became aware that there are not many places for men to heal. And, I also became aware that the suppression of the teachings of the Mother has affected all of us.

Starting to welcome the brothers back to Her temples has been fulfilling, beautiful, healing, and important. Her teachings are for everyone, Her way is for everyone. We are all Her children. And while I think there is importance as well to have women only spaces (especially to honor our blood cycles), I also feel the importance of sharing this tradition with whoever is standing at the temple’s doorways.

More About Katrina

Guest Facilitators

Nikki Stearns


 Nikki is an Integrative Embodiment Coach with an emphasis on Somatic Sex Education, Womb Work, and Spiritual/Psychedelic Integration. Throughout her life she has been on the path of self transformation, transpersonal psychology, and deepening her spiritual practices. Plant medicines have been a strong influence in her personal work and bringing integration support for others who work in altered states is an important calling in her life. Currently, Nikki is focusing on working with people who wish to reclaim their sensuality and sexuality. Her passion is in guiding people towards attuning their bodies to seek out pleasure and override the stress patterns that have been programmed by culture and society. Her mission is to create supportive space for people to release shame, guilt, and fear while coming into alignment with radical self love and empowered consent.

Christine Jude Winus 

Christine Jude Winus is a trauma informed intuitive somatic bodywork therapist specializing in women’s holistic health, spiritual wellbeing and creatrix of Rising Earth Healing Arts – An Earth centered healing practice in the Hudson River Valley of New York.  

Christine infuses her service with the wisdom and intuitive insights gifted through her many years journeying with womb awakening, somatic experiencing, craniosacral therapy and somatic bodywork. 

She is a shamanic feminine artist creating art as healing medicine and prayer manifesting in the form of sacred weaving and clay sculpting.  She finds her inspiration through Mother Natures teachings and is grounded in Earth Mothers cycles as her soul guide. 

Christine is a mama to daughter Luna, a guiding light and inspiration of lunar mysteries and insights.

Lupo Passero

Lupo Passero is a Community Herbalist and Educator from the hills of Northwest Connecticut. She is the founder and director of Twin Star Herbal Education and Community Apothecary. Lupo offers a myriad of classes, workshops and herbal intensives, as well as international travels. She covers a variety of topics including herbalism, flower essence therapy, plant spirit healing, herb justice and sacred relationships. She has a deep love and devotion to the work of rising the Divine Masculine and Feminine and is committed to the path of healing the polarities between the two.

To find out more about Lupo’s work: www.twinstartribe.com/

Ilana Sobo

Ilana Sobo is a clinical herbalist, yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 22 years experience in the fields of Ayurveda, Yoga and Herbalism. She has worked with & apprenticed for several of the pioneers in Botanical Medicine & Ayurveda in the US. Ilana also has unique apothecary training and regularly compounds tinctures, salves, essential oil blends, teas and flower essences for her local community. She devotes her life to supporting others on their journey to holistic wellness and deepening one’s relationship to self and to the healing gifts of nature. Please visit shaktibotanica.com to learn more about Ilana’s work.

Jessica Mortell

Jessica Mortell is a loving and nurturing leader and facilitator building bridges and magnetizing community. A thriving survivor and empowerment activist, Jessica holds safe spaces for people to practice radical self love and live life at choice. Her favorite place is in circle, leading and supporting each other to embrace our authenticity and lean into vulnerability. Jessica’s warm heart and accepting presence invites you to relax into your truth, and be celebrated exactly where you are.

Jessica facilitates classes and has a private healing and coaching practice in Arlington, MA and worldwide via technology. Jessica graduated from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, and blends an eclectic background of studies including transportation engineering, Reiki, core shamanism, tantra, sacred sexuality, consent, love, sex, and intimacy trainings. With a healers intuition and an engineering mind, Jessica quickly helps people gain clarity to catalyze transformation and healing.

EMBRACE + EMPOWER yourself to EMBODY your best life TODAY. Contact Jessica for workshops and private sessions at jessica.mortell@gmail.com.

Jessica’s private session offerings:

– Full Spectrum Energy Healings
– Self Love Coaching: Becoming your own Beloved
– Love, Sex, and Intimacy Coaching