I’m searching for ways to unshackle love from all the confines it has been in.

Sep 24, 2020

I’m longing to set it free.

To love without a script.

The same old script, that has been playing for millenia.

A script that was written where humanity is cast out of the garden,

Cast out for loving in our flesh, for experiencing pleasure.

Love got cast into shame.

Shame got cast into love.

And the script was written.

It was written that as a woman, in order for to be holy, you must be a virgin.

It was written that the only way we can find validity is by being “chosen” by a man.

It was written that women must suffer, and compete, and outdo one another for the attention of a man.

In this script, we are not in our power.

We are instead in our sin.

And our nature, our primal nature is deemed evil.

This is the script we have been following.

And I am no longer willing to play it.

I’m ready to write a new story.

A story of empowerment.

A story of pleasure, of ecstasy, of joy, of celebration, of abundance.

A story where we love, in the depths of our hearts, truly, and passionately.

A story where our sexuality is seen as the holiest of holies.

Where we remember that through our bodies, we find the Goddess Herself.

That through sharing this divinity with others, we are sharing the essence of Her.

A story where we don’t have to compete,

A story where we can share love, with open arms and open hearts,

As a deepening of human connection, and connection to divinity.

I have no more space to continue to put love in shackles.

I have no more room to cast my sexuality into the shadows.

To be in life, is to be embodied.

To be embodied is to experience humanity.

Our humanity is holy.

Our bodies are holy.

Our sexuality, our creation is holy.

I’m ready, to take off these shackles, to free myself, from the construct this system has placed on us.

It’s time.

It’s been long enough.

May love be freed.

And rise and soar in the ecstasies of being alive.