What would happen if we truly loved ourselves?

Oct 16, 2020

What would happen if we truly loved ourselves?

Every inch, every part, every morsel?

What would it be like, if we were born into a world where we were celebrated as a divine being incarnate?

And we were welcomed with open arms of a community around us that has been awaiting our arrival?

What would it be like, if we believed in ourselves?

Knowing that wisdom of the ancients surge through our blood?

What would it feel like to live with the awareness that legions of our ancestors walk with us?

What would happen to this world if we all felt this in our hearts?

And knew it to be true?

What if we could break out of the lies we have been told,

And heal from the shame that was cast upon us?

What if we could remember truly how amazing we are?

And that life is so precious, and us being here is a gift?

What if our world was built from love?

What if we believed all of this to be true?

Even in moments where the messages of shame seem so relentless,

Even in moments where we feel the oppression of isolation clinging to us,

Even in moments where we buy the story that we are not lovable, not enough, not worthy,

And even in moments where we go into the deeper wounds.

That we are born of sin,

That our happiness needs to be earned.

That we are only valuable inside the constructs of capitalism.

If we believe through it all.

And we know it is about holding these truths close to our hearts,

We become it.

We become love.

We become compassion.

We become divinity walking,

And then we become the ones to hold the next generation in our arms, to celebrate them as holy beings, and welcome them into our family as love.