I’m struggling with the place in between..

Oct 16, 2020

I’m struggling with the place in between..

Knowing that we are building heaven.

Waking up to the truth that we are divine beings, creators, Queens, Goddesses.

The reality that we have power, and we are beginning to embody that.

And keeping my eyes open, to knowing that this system was designed for only some, to have the privilege and resources to obtain it.

That the truth that we are empowered beings, falls short of the realities of the construct that we are inside.

I have moments of not appreciating all the blessings that are in front of me.

As I sit by the enchanted spring in my backyard, pure, clean waters that come out of an old maple tree.

A place I pray, and bring gifts to.

I remember Standing Rock, I remember Oak Flats, I remember Flint, I remember so many places on this Earth where the waters are not running so clean.

I remember the Mothers at the border trying to walk towards a new life.

And yet I do not want to forsake the blessings of the Mother.

And I do not want to ignore the realities.

I do not want to be another by-passer of what is here.

I want to pay attention, see, and take action.

For me, there is a truth I am reaching for.

We are in fact creating heaven on Earth.

We are in fact entering into a time of so much beauty, so many blessings, so much pleasure.

I feel it, and so many others do too.

Here is where I want to walk with care.

I do not want to further perpetuate the concept that heaven is only for some,

That heaven is a closed place, where only some have the keys to it.

Only those that have white skin, only those that have the privilege to obtain it,

Only those that follow a certain path.

As I am inside the creation of heaven here,

I subscribe to the Mother’s form of heaven.

That we are all Her children.

There are behaviors that are not tolerated.

That is not determined by who you are, and especially not the color of your skin.

The form of heaven that this system has infiltrated is a lie.

It is designed to keep us in competition, hierarchy, racism, and power over.

And I want to be mindful in recognizing that this very system I am wanting to overthrow has given me the privilege to be where I am.

And I don’t want to waste that.

And I don’t want to turn a blind eye.

And I don’t want to subscribe to this belief that I ought to just take care of my “own”.

My truth is, all of the Mother’s children are my “own”. We are all a family.

So I sit, in this in between place. Knowing we are at a precipice. Wanting to step deeper and more fully into the creation of heaven. Wanting to navigate within the blessings that are gifted to me.


Wanting to be aware, to not further this oppressive way humanity has been in.

This designed separation of the people.

I am aware that I need to dismantle even the concept of what heaven is.

And return to an ancient form.

A return to the Garden.

Where all Her children are celebrated and cared for.

I believe in it.

I dream it.

I create it.

With so many others.

Time to build sanctuary,

Time to build home,

Time to build Her Heaven.

Here on Earth.