Compassion is Fierce

Oct 16, 2020

Compassion is fierce.

Forgiveness is strength.

Only true warriors of the heart can find compassion amongst pain.

Only those that choose to be awake can feel the power and transformation forgiveness offers our world.

It is one thing to fight back.

We need that.

It’s another thing to fight back with compassion.

What happens to power structures when we forgive?

Forgiveness is the power to overcome and recreate.

Forgiveness is an action, which in its very essence causes a transformation.

It acknowledges a harm, and it changes it.

It transmutes it into something else- a place of growth and deeper understanding.

Compassion and forgiveness ride in on the dragon…

Because it is a great power.

This is not bypassing.

This is not “oh all is forgiven! No problem.” And we put our heads down and accept injustices.

This is a way to look boldly into the face of what has harmed us.

And to find the place within that can see, the place that can relate, a place that can understand.

It is seeing the villain in real eyes.

Of course the villain is injured. Of course the villain is suffering.

This does not mean we accept the behavior.

Forgiveness is not acceptance.

Forgiveness is change.

What happens when we see through the eyes of compassion?

When we stand and say no more, when we stand and say enough..

All of this is valid.

All of this is necessary.

And then what happens when we start looking for forgiveness.

In order to offer forgiveness, there is an acknowledgement first that there is an injury.

This acknowledgement is what many of us believe we are inside in this moment in time together.

So many things are coming to light.

And being revealed.

There is acknowledgment that we have been inside an oppressive system for generations and we are waking up to what we know to be true.:

We are each sovereign beings, set here on purpose and with purpose.

We are sacred, beloved beings that are embodied because we are so loved.

We are here in what is intended to be paradise and heaven on earth.

Our system has been set against us to forget and lose our sense of belonging and connection.

And we are finding the light and insight to recognize that our souls oppressions are coming to an end.

Our system is changing.

What many of us believe is to begin to be in relationship with the world in the way we would like it to be.

So for many, forgiveness and compassion are pillars in building a new world.

They stand strong and steady.

What if we lived in a world where forgiveness and compassion where our norm?

Where forgiveness gave both sides of a conflict the opportunity to have closure on an injury- both by accountability in asking forgiveness and also in releasing by the one that gives forgiveness.

Forgiveness ends patterns.

It releases.

It refreshes and clears.

It is empowering.

It is not weakness or cowardice.

Quite the contrary.

Forgiveness and compassion is the heart of the dragon.

It takes great strength of heart to find it and to wield it.

But for many of us, in this world we are creating, we are calling on the strong hearts to be relation in this way- so we can make the pillars strong and mighty.

And during these times to find forgiveness and compassion is going to take great strength- as we undo what has been done.

Forgiveness is our tool, a powerful tool.

So, somehow, can we find forgiveness inside the very system we are fighting?

Can we bring fierce compassion to every step we take and move we make?

Can we look into the eyes of the oppressor and say I forgive you?

We may not be there yet,

But may we continue to reach and continue to strive..

May we continue to build and continue to wash away.

May we have a world where forgiveness and compassion are taught as easily as how we talk.

May it become our nature.

May forgiveness be in the hearts of all humans.

May we continue to seek.

May we continue to be in intention to create a world of forgiveness and compassion.